Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We Learn Thai Website Information includes a e-learning which located at the sub domain which gets hundreds of visitors every month.

Books with proven teaching methods are available for copy also.

If you have an existing Thai language school, or are thinking of opening a new school, don't miss out on the great opportunity.  We get thousands of hits everyday.  Many students visit the website multiple times, and some students have done research years in advance before coming to study Thai.'s story was purchased in 2012 and assisted in building a beautiful, successful and sustainable language school.  However, now is for sale.   We Learn Thai  was successful without offering Education Visas, which is difficult to do in Thailand with all the competition. If you want to start a new school, or are interested in giving your current school a nice boost, please contact. Website has a nice e-learning platform which has hundreds of visitors each month.

Is for sale?

  • Yes, if you are interested please contact
  • Leasing the website is an options also.  Monthly Payments are great also.
  • Support, Books, Materials, Logos, Proven Methods are available.

It doesn't matter where you are,  We Learn thai is well known with high notoriety.

  • We Learn Thai Bangkok
  • We Learn Thai in 15 Days
  • We Learn Thai Chiang Mai, We Learn Thai Pattaya, We Learn Thai Bangkok.
  • Facebook page for is reserved for you or you can easily create a new one.

Can i use the logos?

Reuse with or without modification is not a problem and highly advised due to the high notoriety.
Adobe illustrator files available for just about everything you would need to get your school going.

Website Statistics

Stats, 12 months to date.  One month the plugin wasn't functioning, sot you can add about 8% to these values.

Many repeat visitors.  Many repeat students.  Highly recommended school.

e-learning has been active for years and thousands have passwords and frequently re-visit.

please email me at for more information.